Uncle G

Uncle G

Uncle G

26 juli, 2019
Finn Jakobstad rf. / Finn Pietarsaari ry

Uncle G is a Funk/Soul band from Jakobstad, FIN. The band's music takes root in the old-school Funk & Soul from the 70's and 80's.

How Uncle G came to be:
Having played lots of funk- and soul-covers in bars on weekends, the dream of one day getting the same response for my own music started to take shape. The response of people dancing and singing along to music that I can call my own. When guitarist Joel Svenfelt told me that if I ever start a band he wants in, the dream slowly started to materialize. After a few songwriting-sessions and talking to some friends, I now had a band and a few songs to perform. One thing led to another, and we had a debut-concert on Musik&Talang in Vaasa. The concert was a total success, resulting in a packed club with people dancing, singing along and, once the concert ended, longing for more. Now we're working on writing more songs, performing more gigs, and record an EP to eternalize our footprint in the music-scene.

Uncle G:
Gustav Nyström - Vocals

Jonathan Bäckström - Bass
Victor Nyblom - Drums
Joel Svenfelt - Guitar

I am Uncle G, and together with my Nephews we're:
"Bringin' you that soul-food and funky business"

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